Writing Samples & Videos

Brian Walton has written extensively on pop-culture as the former Editor in Chief of Nerdist. Brian has had work featured on StarWars.com, Geekscape.net, Ranker, and Ain't It Cool News. Projects that Brian has managed have been featured in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Playboy, Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed, BBC America, Tech Crunch, AltPress, and SlashFilm. He's also been a featured guest on AMC Movie Talk and Nerd Alert.

In 2010, Brian, with Ryan Reiter and Jonathon London, co-created ZomBCon, a zombie enthusiast convention that took place twice in Seattle. In 2015, he oversaw the release of Nerdist Presents: The Hive on digital platforms. Brian currently works as a producer and freelance writer.