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Puppy Power: 5 Adorable Doggy Shorts

There may be nothing cuter than a puppy's unconditional love of its human. There is nothing more empathetic than a household pet. They know when you're up and they want to help you when you're down. Below find a collection of some of the best shorts inspired by our four legged friends.

The Present

In the CG short "The Present", a disaffected youth is brought back into the world around him by the boundless enthusiasm of his new canine companion. At first, the short positions the young boy as coarse and uncaring, put off by the pup's missing paw. It's only later we realize his revulsion is rooted in his own perceived tragedy.


Is there a stronger bond than a pup and its master when there are scraps to be scrounged? In the short Feast from Disney Animation Studios, there obviously isn't, until someone new enters the scenario. From one culinary adventure to another, Feast is the roller coaster of human relationships through eyes that are begging under the dinner table.


Minions. Some people love them, others loathe them. But when one minion wants the companionship of a pet, he'll go searching for dog in all the wrong places. With a story that emulates Batteries Not Included in a fraction of the running time and 100% less Don Ameche, one Minion finds labradorian levels of love from a lost visitor from another world. the only thing that could make this more adorable is a throw back to the puppy equivalent of pop, the inclusion of MMM-Bop by Hanson.

Take Me Home

Animal shelters are a tough place for a pet. Lots of lookie loos stroll through, getting dogs excited at the prospect of going home with a new owner, only to be disappointed time and again. When a beagle is passed over he tries to give himself a makeover to cute results.

Dancing Doggy

I dare you not to smile for the next 30 seconds. Go... Seeee! How flippin' cute is that pup! Like a tolerable Skrappy Doo. Speaking of Scrappy Doo...

Scrappy Doo

Just kidding. No one liked Scrappy Doo. What an asshole.

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