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A Very Psych-o's Christmas

We've waited for iiiiiiiiiiiit. Waited for three years to be exact. But the day Psycho's thought might never come has finally arrived: there is a Psych movie!

This doesn't always work. Dead Like Me failed to recapture the charm and humor of the original show. Star Trek has been fairly unpredictable; to think that they were able to make as many as they have after that first film. Even Sex and the City had an odd follow-up film. On the other hand, Serenity served as an excellent conclusion to the too soon cancelled Firefly. Basically, it's a tough world for films following television. Years after a series, it can be hard to reenter the mindset of the characters, the writing, the feel.

However, with the original creator, Steve Franks, and James Roday crafting the script, it seemed impossible that they could miss the mark with Psych: the movie. And what's the verdict? This movie is an absolute delight. With all the quirk, quips, and references fans would expect, this movie seemed a seamless continuation of the series. Even though it is set three years after the show ended, these characters, other than living in a new city, are exactly who they used to be, with the same dynamics between the team.

The two hour movie is so chockfull of references, references to films, shows, and even Psych itself, you might find your head spinning like Mr. Weasley's in the Omen remake. But to ensure you get the most out of your viewing, USA even crafted a set of Bingo cards for that purpose. 90s pop culture reference? Wait for iiiiit? Musical montage? A pineapple? Bingo! (Just don't eat that pineapple after midnight...)

The fun really is in the experience, so this will be as spoiler free as possible. Zachary Levi serves as the main antagonist for the majority of the film. With the bottle blonde hair and cockney accent, he's hard to recognize, but that's a good thing. His non-David Bowie accent and look adds to the quirk and confusion of just who he is and what he wants to accomplish. There is a bit of a bait and switch (not to be confused with the Evil League of Evil villain of the same name) as far as who the ultimate bad-y is, but it actually makes up for what is probably one of the worst episodes in the series. Mary Lightly makes the oddest appearance, but what else would you expect from an ankle weight wearing, wannabe racquet ball player, obsessed with serial killers?

Somehow, in two hours, this movie managed to pack in all the favorites from the show, sans Despereaux, and a few new charms as well. Oh, and keep those tissues close. You might actually feel something as the heart of a criminal gun dealer grows three sizes that day thanks to a few "premonitions" of the future.

This movie is everything a Psych-o could possibly ask for. And luckily, at San Diego Comic Con, Franks did say that he has 6 films he'd like to make for this show. Hopefully including Cary Elwes' Despereaux in at least some capacity. That writer better not go boneless on us! We need more Psych in our lives!

And one last thing, did you hear about Pluto? That's messed up.

Images from ET Online and USA Network, respectively.

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