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Robert Downey, Jr. will be Holmes for Christmas 2020

-- We recommend listening to the score from the first Sherlock Holmes film while reading this, to get you in the right mood.

After 7 long years - years peppered with many a Tony Stark appearance - fans of super-sleuth Sherlock Holmes, as Robert Downey, Jr. portrayed him, will wait no longer. Well, wait a little longer, but not 7 more years. Only 2! Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures announced the film on Monday, with a release date set for December 25, 2020. The film will stare Robert Downey, Jr. alongside Jude Law as the incomparable Dumble- I mean, Watson.

Robert Downey Jr.'s been hinting at this in interviews (since 2016, mind you), and with the conclusion of the first Avengers' narrative, it seems like the backbone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally deigning to gift us with another Sherlock film.

And Warner Bros. has to be happy about that. Snagging him away, for the time being at least.

Not much is known other than a writer, Chris Brancato; even Guy Ritchie has not been confirmed as director. But all that matters to fans is that it is in fact happening. Unless Warner Bros. pulls something like what Disney did for Tron 3. I'm still salty.

Hopefully the official announcement will be followed by more official news, in the form of supporting cast (will Jared Harris' Moriarty make a return?), director, and a filming date, but for now, we'll just keep listening to Hans Zimmer's discombobulating score.

Speaking of Sherlock, and Marvel, and another Sherlock, how do you feel, Benedict Cummerbund? Check him out at 1:48.

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