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The Bluth's are Returning

It seems like a lot of return announcements happened this week (and it's only Tuesday!). Yesterday, Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow announced a third Sherlock Holmes film, and today, Entertainment Weekly dropped the news that Bill & Ted 3 is officially happening. But as if all that wasn't enough, Netflix dropped a trailer for Arrested Development's fifth season!

On Cinco de Cuatro, Netflix released a remix of Arrested Development season 4, deleting the original cut. Via the show's official Twitter account, they announced the remix and that the new season would be here "like real soon." (And that remix is like real good.)

Then, earlier today, they released a campaign video for "Family of the Year." Following the link to leads to a truly terrible campaign page. However, what is interesting is the possibility of seeing the stair car or joining a Never Nude meet-up. And these seem real, there's Twitter proof of the stair car at least.

Then, then, they released the official trailer for the new season airing May 29 on Netflix! We think we just blue ourselves.

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