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It's not about the Endgame but the journey

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Having seen an early screening of the newest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe earlier this week, what I can't help but focus on, apart from the film and the spoilers and the reviews, is what this film means to fans.

When you go to see the film, do yourself a favor and relish the entire experience. Don't get to the theater last minute. Don't site on your phone beforehand.

This is the first time in a long, long time that I felt like I was a part of something.

We waiting in line outside of the theater. Everyone was excited. I talked to people around me, something that as an introvert I never, ever do. A woman next to me offered tissues to everyone in the row. People talked excitedly in lines for the bathroom.

As much as I love buying movie tickets online and choosing my seat ahead of time, what I didn't realize I missed was the community that you feel around you when you have to stand in line waiting for something you have waited your lifetime for. I had forgotten the energy the surrounds a crowd who are all here for the same thing. We are one. We are not alone. Theaters will only be playing this one film and will be open for extended hours; everyone around you is there for the exact same experience.

So go to your theater. Talk to people. Eat popcorn. Feel the feelings and know that everyone in that sacred screening room is feeling them too. Cry if you want to. Let the visuals wash over you. Talk about it afterwards. Stand in a circle with your friends or the new friends you've made and express your feelings. Decompress. But obviously don't spoil it.

This is an experience ten years in the making. Revel in it.

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